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A decade ago Video Walls were “futuristic” and very expensive. As a business owner it would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement a video wall due to the heavy reliance on complex and specialized hardware.

As time went by, it became very clear that businesses of all shapes and sizes were looking for a user-friendly and affordable video wall solution. It is because of this that the video wall has evolved.

Today, video wall solutions are more flexible and scalable so that businesses can tailor their hardware and software to their needs – thus making it more affordable.

Video Wall vs. Digital Signage

The Benefit of Video Walls

Video Walls are a fantastic, simple and effective way to captivate your customers with amazing visuals, to relay ever-changing information or to simply entertain while they wait.

You can use video walls to increase brand awareness, deliver an interactive experience, promote events and products or to create a lasting impression.

Video walls give you the power to decide who sees what information and when.

Video Wall Multiple Display

Industry Specific Solutions

  • Entertainment Venues
  • NOC, Mission-Critical Monitoring, Command and Control Centres
  • Public Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Dispatch Centres (911 Dispatch)
  • Stock Trading
  • Retail/Advertising Video Walls
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Corporate Lobby
  • Conference Room Video



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