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Through our partnership with Userful, LOGIX Data Products Inc. can turn a standard i7 core PC into a single source, dynamic video wall controller. This simple controller can deliver your content on up to 25 monitors for 15%-20% of the cost of most video wall solutions.

With network video walls you can store your controller in a secure room while delivering one or more video wall configurations anywhere within the local area network. This means that sound, heat and service points are removed from the video wall display itself.
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Affordable. All displays are connected by a small, low-cost, fan-less media player device and controlled by a standard i7 PC/Server.

Flexible. Use any display, or mix of displays, to show a variety of applications – either synchronized or independent of one another.

Artistic. Choose a more creative layout by rotating screens and placing them anywhere on the canvas! With the ability to rotate a screen by as little as one degree the options are endless.

Simple. Quickly configure and build video walls using any browser, on any device in minutes with a simple, web-based application.

Failover. Install an optional failover where another server within the same network can take over to ensure continuous system availability!

How Userful Video Walls Work

How it Works

A Network Video Wall Solution with Userful software employs a simple “drag’n’drop” web application.

With this web application, you will have the ability to configure video walls with single or multiple screens. Design a standard grid or a more free-flowing artistic layout.

By utilizing off-the-shelf hardware over a standard gigabit ethernet network you can expect more flexibility and cost-savings than ever before.

Userful software supports both interactive and non-interactive content including 4k/UHD video, HTML5, static images, and even 3D content delivered in real-time!

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