Video Wall Solutions: Hiperwall Software

HiperwallHiperwall Software

Through our partnership with Hiperwall, we are able to provide powerful, user-friendly video wall systems that run over your network.

Hiperwall Software eliminates the need for complex and specialized computers, monitors, cables, and training. and instead, replaces it with simplicity. This gives you flexibility for high performance, resolution and scalability with unmatched speeds and functionality.

Whether you require a single video wall in one room – or multiple video walls throughout your entire facility – Hiperwall Software combined with LOGIX Video Wall Infrastructure can take you there!

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Video Wall Solutions

Content Types

With Hiperwall Software you can run multiple types of content simultaneously over one or more video walls including:

  • Standard or ultra-high resolution images
  • QuickTime or live HD video streaming
  • Real-time replicas of any network attached computer

Content Configuration

  • Drag and drop any piece of content to any location on your video wall.
  • Resize your content to fill one monitor, or the entire video wall.
  • Zoom and Rotate your content to show fine detail, or an overview.
  • Adjust the transparency and colour shading of any object for stunning visual overlays and aesthetics.
  • Clone your content and style each copy independently to display multiple times on one video wall.

How Video Wall Works

Hiperwall Video Wall Solution ProviderDisplays
LOGIX Display Modules receive content over your network and display it on the monitor/screen to create the visual aspect of your video wall. You can display your content on anything from LED monitors to Projectors – with bezels (monitor frames) as thin as 1 millimetre!

LOGIX Video Wall Controllers, based on Hiperwall technology can control up to 252 displays! Controllers are “the brain” of the video wall operation. The Hiperwall software includes a user-friendly drag and drop interface, giving you the ability to control where and how you want your content displayed. The controller software simplifies the configuration process and lowers training costs. Secondary Controllers give you the ability to control content from multiple internal or remote locations if needed.

Senders and Streamers
LOGIX Video Wall Senders and Streamers are modules that can provide live content over your network. A Screen Sender allows you to display any application, from any computer within your network over one or more monitors. One Video Wall Sender is required for each desktop you wish to display. With the right setup, Sender Software can be run remotely, giving you the ability to screen live feeds from around the world.

Streamers can send up to 60 frames per second, at resolutions of 1080P or higher from a video capture device or computer to the display unit. One Video Wall Streamer is required for each video feed device that you want to display.

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