How an Outdated Computer Could Cost you in Productivity Loss

We either own or know someone who owns a “dinosaur” computer.

Everyone knows the computer is outdated, however no one can justify spending the money to replace it.

The cost to replace a computer can be daunting, especially when you are replacing multiple workstations.

What you may not know is that over time an outdated computer can cost more than a replacement computer.

When calculating how much a computer costs (known as the productivity cost) there are many circumstances to consider. The most significant expense to any business is payroll. When time is spent inefficiently waiting, the minutes can quickly add up to hours, which in turn, adds up to hundreds of dollars.Cost of Inproductivity

When you arrive at work to start a new day you know it’s going to be a five minute wait for your computer to boot up and another fifteen minutes for your programs to start running at a reasonable speed. So you press the power button and go get a coffee and have a chat with your colleagues while you wait. Throughout the day you spend five minutes here or ten minutes there waiting for browsers to unfreeze and programs to stop hanging.

All that time waiting can easily add up to a total of one hour a day! If you’re earning $18 an hour that computer suddenly is costing your employer $18.00 daily.

As a full-time employee, working 5 days a week for a total of 49 weeks a year, that computer now costs approximately $4410 a year, all non-productivity costs! Add on the cost of repairs, upgrades and other services that it might require and it only gets worse.

The cost of running your obsolete workstation is now in excess of the cost to buy one new. By purchasing a replacement, you will be using your time more effectively, focusing on day-to-day business activities and no longer wasting time or being frustrated waiting on hardware limitations.

Say goodbye to that rotating hourglass. Increase productivity.

And above all: Express the need to replace that dinosaur!

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