Is Outsourcing IT Services Right For Your Business?

Why Are Businesses Outsourcing IT?

There are many reasons why a business might want to hire an IT company to monitor and manage their IT: They are not happy with the IT solutions they have in place or have experienced prolonged downtime.

Maybe they don’t have enough time to run a business and focus on daily IT responsibilities.

At the end of the day, outsourcing IT gives business owners the peace of mind knowing they can go home at the end of the day and won’t come to work in the morning to a surprise system crash.

Should You Outsource IT Services?


Are you utilizing in-house admin staff to perform IT tasks?

Some SMBs delegate their most tech savvy employee to spearhead IT tasks such as back-up and virus scanning. Not only does this delegate have no formal IT training, they may even view their IT responsibilities as a burden. Some may find that they are not able to accomplish the tasks they were initially hired for. What if that employee is sick, or goes on vacation? Who will ensure the tasks are completed?

Outsourcing IT allows your employees to maximize the productivity of their core tasks, and ensure your systems are taken care of.


Do you have the proper resources for in-house IT?

IT is vast and complicated. With so many variables it is easy to get overwhelmed and experience unnecessary stress when you do not have the proper resources. Managing all aspects of IT by yourself can be extremely time consuming and expensive. A managed service provider can help you make informed IT decisions so that you can focus on your core business needs.


Do you have the skills to manage an in-house IT team?

Some larger companies do have the budget and resources to hire an in-house IT team, but have a limited understanding of IT themselves. Without an IT background, it is difficult to know if your IT team is properly qualified and whether or not they are putting your business at serious risk.


Are your systems designed for maximum productivity?

Do your employees require access to your system remotely? Are your employees sharing program licenses? Are subscriptions expiring? Do you find that you are experiencing downtime too often? An IT management team is 100% dedicated to identifying and resolving these kinds of issues.


Are you prepared for a disaster?

Consider the implications of total disruption. How much time and money would go into obtaining and organizing business data after a disaster? How much revenue would be lost if your employees had limited or no access to files, applications and databases?

A disaster recovery plan, can help restore mission-critical data in the event of system failure, natural disaster or human error.

By having managed services in place, you will utilize a valuable IT support team that proactively monitors your system to make sure it is operating efficiently and without interruption.

If an issue does arise, you will have an IT force working to resolve these issues and keep your business running!

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