Why businesses are investing in Managed Print

CompTIA research states that “98 percent of U.S. workers printed at least once during the past quarter. More than half of companies categorize their print volumes as moderate to very high.”

What many businesses don’t realise is that the cost of operating a printing fleet can cost up to 3% of a company’s total revenue!

“The managed print services market continues to gain momentum as enterprises seek to tackle escalating print costs and drive greater business efficiency.” According to the 2015 Managed Print Services Landscape by Quocirca, “The market is relatively buoyant with 51% of organisations (either already using or planning to use MPS) indicating they plan to increase expenditure on MPS over the next year.”

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print SolutionsManaged Print Services (MPS) is an effective tool that businesses use to help gain control of their output devices.

Managed Print provides an increased visibility of paper consumption, consumable requirements (toner, drums, etc.), technical service, support, and device lifecycle.

This increased visibility helps businesses achieve an enhanced workflow, while combatting the rising costs of business operations by aligning their print fleet with environmental, productivity, and financial goals.

What are the benefits of Managed Print?

System Analysis: Assess your infrastructure to determine how and when devices are used to increase productivity and cut costs by up to 30%.

Mobile Printing: Teleworkers and mobile employees can print directly from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Proactive Maintenance: Schedule preventative maintenance to reduce device downtime and employee’s time spent on support. If an issue does arise, the device is scanned for possible issues to help with diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Toner Replenishment: Eliminate the need to keep a supply of toner onsite. Consumables are automatically shipped to your location before you run out.

Increased Security: Set security protocols to protect from unauthorized access to confidential data and printed content.

Digitalize: Store your businesses documents digitally to eliminate excessive printing.

Sustain: Reduce your environmental footprint by managing device lifecycle, as well as energy, paper and consumable consumption to cut down on waste.

Cost Savings & ROI: Take advantage of cost-per-page, level page and lease buy-out. Keep the devices you have today as needed, helping minimize capital expenditure.

A Managed Print Solution can help you focus on what’s important, your core business.

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