Investing in your IT Infrastructure

Why Manage IT Infrastructure?

Robert D. Stevens, President of the American Society of Civil Engineers said,

“Unless you’re stuck in traffic, without water because of a water main break, hitting a pothole or your power goes out; you probably don’t think all that much about infrastructure.

As civil engineers, that’s how we want it.”

The same principle applies for IT Infrastructure.

Many users take it for granted when their technology and computer systems are seamlessly working. It is not uncommon for Managed Service Providers to be asked, “What are we paying for, anyway?”

When a client’s system has been running smoothly for an extended period of time, they start to doubt whether or not they need a Managed Service Agreement anymore. They tend to forget what it was like before they had an MSA in place and start cutting back on services.

Investing in IT InfrastructureBut, just like the roads you drive to work on every day, your IT infrastructure needs to be managed and continuously maintained to keep workflow moving seamlessly.

You pay taxes, and in return, the public roads are maintained. If your city were to change the budget focus from public roads to a new swimming pool, you might start to notice that the roads aren’t as nicely maintained as they used to be.

The smooth ride to work now becomes a game of dodging potholes, a detailing bill to remove spilled coffee, and a mechanic’s bill for new shocks – not to mention the repairs that still need to be done on the road.

In the end, you pay more than you would have with preventative maintenance in the first place.

“Failure to invest means failure to grow and develop – because infrastructure is not measured properly, it is not managed properly.” – Richard Threlfall

Managed Services is preventative maintenance for your IT infrastructure. Proactive monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year means that your MSP can diagnose potential issues before they become major problems. A team of experts run updates, security scans, perform repairs and monitor storage usage and backups to drastically decrease downtime and increase employee productivity.

Nothing is more frustrating, time-consuming and expensive than system downtime. Making the choice to invest in your IT infrastructure keeps your systems running like a well-oiled machine – keeping your business running efficiently.

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