I am happy to recommend Logix Data Products Inc. as a highly qualified provider of telecommunications and managed services.

Services we currently receive from Logix are DSL internet connections to our 130 stores, fibre connection with VDSL automatic failover for head office, hosted email, design engineer for our IT infrastructure, managed services for our call centre and head office servers, customized communication hardware for our stores, cloud services for offsite backup.

We find Logix to be very knowledgeable and mindful of our requirements when suggesting changes or upgrades to our infrastructure. Logix Data Products has been involved from inception to roll out and beyond for most of our critical technologies.

Logix offers us competitive pricing.

Always available 24/7 for support with is critical to our business, we have never had a call go unreturned in a timely manner.

Fibre internet service has been 100% reliable since we installed it.

Logix Data Products Inc. is our first choice as the best service provider in the region.

We have been using the services of Logix Data Products for the last 28 years and would recommend them to any company which relies on their internet and IT infrastructure 24/7; needs someone they can call anytime and receive prompt service for any level of service.

James, Call Centre General Manager, Toronto, ON