Network Security Horror Stories!

Prevent Network Security from becoming a Horror Story!

IT Security threats can be frightening, especially if you aren’t aware of them!

Read our specimens below to see if you or your employees may unintentionally be putting your company at risk!

  1. Attachment Attacks Don’t play “trick or treat” with your email. Email attachments can hide viruses, spyware, and even open the door to remote hacking! With professional email security, antivirus and training, your employees to spot a fake; even the most convincing email attacks don’t stand a chance.
  2. Post-it Note Passwords Are your passwords on post-it notes? Do you have the same or similar passwords for all of your systems? Does your password make Time Magazine’s list of the Top 25 Worst Passwords? Easily found or guessed passwords can be just as dangerous as having no password at all!
  3. Deserted Patches Neglected patch and software updates can leave more than tumbleweeds rolling through the holes in your IT network. Updates are important because they address known security issues and flaws in the software. Leaving them out-of-date creates a window of opportunity for hackers to access your confidential information.
  4. “Backup” to the Future Backups are often forgotten until they are desperately needed. Without a flux capacitor and a time machine, retrieving any relevant present day data is impossible. Frequent and tested backups can mean the difference between being down for a couple hours or a couple weeks!
  5. Collapsed Firewalls Are you running computer systems and devices without the required firewalls, anti-virus or anti-malware activated? You may be opening up your business to dreadful downtime, frightful fixes and stolen or lost data!
  6. Idle IT Even if you are taking precautions, you may have end-users who disagree with in the importance of the security measures in place. Whether they think the anti-virus software slows down their computer or they find firewalls too limiting, end-users have the power to cause enormous problems if they are not monitored and IT policies are not strictly enforced.

Importance of Network SecurityWell-meaning users can make inexperienced changes to your network security. Not knowing the true risk of their actions can create quite the horror story!

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Don’t be a statistic. Protect your network today!

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