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How to use Search Engines Effectively and Efficiently

Search Engines are generally the first choice for getting information. As a result it can provide millions of search results for essentially any inquiry you may have, which is great; unless the flood of results hinder your ability to find exactly what you are looking for. Scrolling through page after page of “half matches” can…
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How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Toolbars On Your Internet Browser

It doesn’t matter how careful we are… Unwanted toolbars have a tendency of popping up all over our internet browsers. It has almost become expected that you will have to tediously work around them on a daily basis, but why should you? Most toolbars are as easy to get rid of as they are to…
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Keeping You and Your Kids Safe on Facebook

If you’re a parent in 2013, your children have probably asked you about Facebook. Of course you have your apprehensions about their safety and whether or not they are ready – and your fears are definitely valid! The introduction of the internet and social media means that everything and anything internet users post online is…
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