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Protecting Remote Devices at Home

Are you or your employees working from home? Whether this is a new environment for you, or you have been doing it all along, there are some things to consider when working remotely. You may find that you or your employees are now using personal devices to connect from home, or perhaps you’ve brought your…
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New COVID-19 Security Threats

Navigating the Latest COVID-19 Security Threats As security technology improves year after year, many cybercriminals have switched to tactics that target fear and exploit human vulnerabilities. Fear doesn’t work on machines, so they depend on human error to gain access to finances, compromise corporate servers, email and even social media accounts. When an opportunity arises…
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Proactive Security Against Hidden Viruses

Proactive Security: The Virus you Don’t Know you’ve Downloaded In our previous article, “Are Updates Even Important?” we discussed that antivirus software works by identifying signatures on downloads to determine whether or not the file should be quarantined. We also discussed how new threats are developed at such a rate that it is difficult for…
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